RUF commuter 8 Bus/train commuter 8
Time: 8:35 AM

50 minutes after departure

The RUF commuter has arrived

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The RUF commuter drives a short 5 minutes distance and finds a parking rail near his office. He parks the public ruf in the rear of the parking rail and leaves it so that others can use it during the day instead of taking a taxi.

His total commute took 50 minutes. 30 minutes of the commute could be used to start working.

The energy consumption was lower than if he would have used bus/train and much lower than if he had used a car.


Time: 8:35 AM

70 minutes after departure

The bus/train commuter has still 15 minutes to go.

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The bus/train commuter has arrived at the main railroad station in the city.

From here he will have to find transportation to his office. It might take him another 15-20 minutes.

The entire journey lasted 1 hour and 25 minutes.

He was unable to work during the trip.

He was unable to carry more than one bag.

He used more energy than the RUF commuter.

He will soon be the last commuter using traditional Public Transport.

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