RUF commuter 5 Bus/train commuter 5
Time: 7:55 AM

10 minutes after departure

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RUF commuters have many possibilities while they commute.

Some prefer to relax or to engage in a deep conversation with one of the opposite sex. Others use the possibility to start working as soon as the ruf is on the rail.

There is a very fast connection between the ruf computer and the Internet, because the cables for the Internet are actually placed inside the triangular rail.

The drive comfort is high due to the smooth rail, and the central drive wheels making the lateral guidance perfect.

People who use the ruf as an extension of their office, earn money while they commute.

They are not disturbed by others, because they sit in their own cabin.

Time: 7:55 AM

30 minutes after departure


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The bus/train commuters have only few advantages compared to the RUF commuters. One of them is, that they can stretch their legs during the trip, except if the train is overcrowded. After the opening of the competing RUF rail, the trains have  been remarkably less crowded.

In theory it is also possible to work in the train, but the lateral guidance is poor. The train often moves from side to side and makes it difficult to read or write.

Other passengers can follow the others' work. Many people don't like that.

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