RUF commuter 4 Bus/train commuter 4
Time: 7:50 AM

5 minutes after departure

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The RUF commuter arrives at the rail system after a 5 minutes' drive using the normal roads. When he gets near the access rail, he has to decelerate to 30 km/h before the system takes over control.

He is automatically guided to the access-rail without waiting. On the access-rail his ruf is being checked. Within seconds it has been coupled with other rufs and a small train has been created. The train is now ready to be merged into the main stream on the main RUF rail.

A few seconds later, the train is driving at 150 km/h towards the city.

Time: 7:50 AM

25 minutes after departure

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The bus/train commuter leaves the station by train.

The trip to the city is 64 kilometres long and according to the timetable it takes 45 minutes (85 km/h on average).

It is very difficult for the train operator to keep up with the timetable. If something goes wrong at one place in the train network, the timetable breaks down and the disturbance lasts for a long period.

The platform is not a very pleasant place to wait. The wind is blowing cold in the winter, and the trains are noisy and dangerous. Some people have been killed by falling from the platform in front of a fast passing train.

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