RUF commuter 3 Bus/train commuter 3
Time: 7:45 AM

Departure time

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The RUF commuter gets into his ruf. It has been recharged during the night, so the batteries are ready and a little warm from the charging. It is therefore no problem to start even in cold weather.

If it has been freezing, he may have to remove ice from the windows. While he is doing that, the thought comes to his mind, that he wouldn't have to do that if he was using the maxi-ruf.

Well, the ruf is a little faster, so normally he is very satisfied.

At the start it makes no noise (unlike a normal car) and the efficiency is high from the start. No problem with cold-start emissions.

Time: 7:45 AM

20 minutes after departure

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The bus/train commuter has arrived by bus at the train station.

It took him 10 minutes by bus to get to the station. The waiting time at the station is unpredictable, but usually it is 10 min.

During the trip, he was unable to do anything else except trying to wake up. The ride was noisy and unpleasant. The chauffeur was busy trying to keep up with the timetable.






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