RUF programs:

Several programs have been released with the purpose to help to understand the function of the RUF dual-mode system.

RUFSIM.EXE is a program which shows the flow of vehicles through a complex junction.
It is not a simulator, but a tool to explore the function in a junction with limited functionality.
It can be downloaded from The size is approx. 0.5 MBytes
The functionality is limited because no left turn is allowed. This functionality will be added later in the development process with support from the EU project CyberCars. See
Before running the program you should download and read the manual from The size is approx. 0.5 MBytes
It requires a machine faster than 400 MHz in order to run properly.

rufsimlille.jpg (7849 bytes)       rufsim1lille.jpg (16774 bytes)


RUFCPH.EXE is a program which explains the consequences of a network of RUF rails covering the Greater Copenhagen area.
If you live in this area, you can click on your origin and your destination and you will be told what the travel time would be as well as the energy consumption.
The assumptions behind the calculations can be reviewed and changed if needed.
You can download it from The size is approx. 2.5 MBytes
A Danish version is available at
The program has been developed with support from the Danish Ministries of Energy, Environment and Education

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RUFCOM.EXE is a program used to evaluate the potential for commuters of a RUF network in Copenhagen.
The program is based upon commuter statistics obtained from HUR (Hovedstadens Udviklings Raad) which is the planning authority for Greater Copenhagen.
The program has been developed with support from the EU project CyberMove. See
The program calculates the flow through the network if all commuters use the shortest path from Origin to Destination.
It can be downloaded from The size is approx. 2 MBytes

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All programs have been developed by Palle R Jensen, RUF Danmark
The programs have been tested on different machines and are found to work properly.
A screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 is recommended.
Please let me know if you experience any problems. Contact
I can take no responsibility for any problems caused by running these programs.