RUF exhibition at the Engineering Highschool on May 2002


Many people had asked me: "When can we see the status of the RUF project".
I decided that an exhibition was needed and it was created close to the RUF office.

The following pictures will give an overview of what was shown at the exhibition.

ehibition.jpg (16803 bytes)

A small selection of RUF articles from newspapers and magazines from all over the world were exhibited.

mockup.jpg (10238 bytes)

The maxi-ruf was shown as a mock-up of half of the cabine made of honeycomb aluminium sponsored by the company Alu Plus

open_door.jpg (15872 bytes)

The door opening was demonstrated succesfully.

doorup1.jpg (16578 bytes)  doorup2.jpg (16122 bytes)  doorup3.jpg (15985 bytes)    doorup4.jpg (15238 bytes)

In order to save money, only a half maxi was created. A wall of mirrors made it look bigger :-)

It also solved the problem of space, since a full maxi was too large for the workshop.

bagside.jpg (15354 bytes)

The seats were sponsored by Peugeot Denmark.

seat.jpg (11461 bytes)

The seats were mounted on an elegant foundation.

understel.jpg (10109 bytes)

A video screen is offered on some of the seats.
A movie was shown during the exhibition.

velkomst1.jpg (16146 bytes)

The inventor deeply concentrated watching a movie :-)

videofilm.jpg (14405 bytes)

A very special service was visualized.
If a passenger needs contact to the operator, he can press a button and a small monitor will arrive and point in his direction.
He can now communicate directly via a video link with the operator and discuss the problem.

operator.jpg (13345 bytes)

The small monitor is pointing directly towards the passenger.

operator1.jpg (9979 bytes)

Another important part of the exhibition was the new drive system for ruf no. 2

Total.jpg (12453 bytes)

This was the starting point for the work of students from 5 european countries working for RUF.

front1.jpg (10463 bytes)

The students analysed the configuration of rail, wheels and steering system.

drivsystem3.jpg (14822 bytes)

A mock-up was created using parts from a Renault Clio

hannes.jpg (12737 bytes)

Hannes from Austria seen in front of the model he has created together with the group.

sponsorer 7-5-02.jpg (15291 bytes)

Sponsors from Siemens, Alu Plus and the Ministry of Environment studying the model.