EU support letter, Dec. 1991


Mr Palle R Jensen


Forhaabningsholms Alle 30

DK 1904 Frb. C. Denmark


Dear Sir,


    Commissioner Van Miert asked me to thank you for your letter of 15.10.1991 and for the detailled information you sent about the RUF-system.

    Officials of my Directorate-General have already seen your system, as they were at the presentation in Berlin in March of this year.

    The new system developed by RUF-International is a very interesting one and it may compete with success with similar systems, as for axample the Birmingham MAGLEV City Rail Link or Docklands Light Railway in solving the future transport of passengers and goods in an environmentally friendly way.

    The Commision is not in a position to give direct support to this project. I advise you to have the advantages of the RUF-system be proved on national level as a first step towards wider recognition.

    I wish you success in its implementation and thank you in advance for any further information about it.


Yours sincerely

R. Coleman

Director General