Additional earnings potential for the RUF system in L.A.

Goods transport outside normal working hours: estimated earnings = $0.2 billion/year

Sale of internal rail space for data transmission, etc.; estimated earnings: = $0.1 billion/year

Advertising revenue via RUF data display during rail driving = ??

Savings obtained by means of the RUF system

The congestion is estimated to cost $6.8 billion per year in Los Angeles (Source: Transportation Research Board, special report 242 vol. 2 p. 381). A marked reduction (to 60%) may save $2.5 billion/year.

Road accidents are reduced. This is estimated to provide savings of $0.4 billion/year.

The air in Los Angeles will be much cleaner if a large amount of the traffic is propelled by electricity since it can be produced in ways that are much cleaner than burning gasoline.

The dependence on oil will be reduced. This means that it becomes less critical what happens to the oil sources in the Middle East.