General assumptions:

The cost of a RUF bidirectional rail is $7 million/mile

The cost of a RUF station with extended facilities is $7 million

The initial cost of a RUF is $15,000 each, in series exceeding 100,000 units

The initial cost of a MAXI-RUF equipped with a hybrid motor is $45,000

Distances between stations average 3 miles

A parking rail which can accommodate 6 public RUFs costs $50,000

Speed during switching is 20 mph.

Range on roads is at least 30 miles

Top speed is 95 mph on rail and 50 mph on road.

Special conditions regarding Los Angeles:

The length of the rail network is 625 miles of bidirectional rail.

The selected part of L.A. is divided into approx. 100 districts of 3 x 3 miles.

A typical commuter trip is 12 miles. Other trips average 10 miles.

Rush-hours are estimated to have a three-hour duration (6 hours daily).

One year is calculated as 330 working days plus 35 days with 50% traffic.

24 hours of typical traffic is equivalent to 12 hours of rush hour traffic.