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The RUF concept makes it possible to offer door-to-door public transport.

If the user is willing to pay the fare, the maxi-ruf will pick her up at her doorstep, drive the long distance via the rail network and bring her right to the front door of the desired supermarket. It will be easier to bring merchandise than to use a car, where you will need to walk to the parking place carrying all your bags.

Not everybody will use the maxi-ruf to get from door-to-door. Some users will pay a lower fare in order to use it for part of the trip and change at stations in the rail network.

It is extremely easy to enter a maxi-ruf, since there is a door for every seat. Using a maxi-ruf means that you have your own seat. No stranger is going to sit next to you. Between the front seats there is room for a wheel chair.

For the operating company it is a big advantage, that the seats are separated. This means that the company can collect different fares for different seats. Door-to-door with Internet access is most expensive, but still a lot cheaper than taking a taxi. From station to station when there is room in the maxi is cheapest.

Park and Ride systems normally require that the user parks his car at a huge parking place near a train station and walk (during the rain) to the platform and wait for the train. In the RUF system, Park and Ride is much more attractive. The user parks his car and wait in the car until a maxi-ruf pick him up. He only has to walk a few meters. The chauffeur drives him and others to the rail where the chauffeur changes maxi-ruf while the user continues automatically and without waiting towards the city.

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