The ruf user


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A typical user of the RUF system in the future will own his ruf. It will be parked close to his residence like a normal car. It doesn't pollute when it starts and it is completely silent. The neighbours will love it.

If you use it regularly for commuting, the small batteries will be recharged during the rail trip. This means that you may never need to recharge at your home. The ruf will be able to drive faster than a car especially during rush hour. The speed will not be as dependant on the weather as with a car. Once on the guideway, the ruf will be able to drive fast in all kind of weather.

The ruf commuter will be able to use his time on the rail constructively. He will earn money while he commutes because he can couple to the Internet while he commutes. He can look at his e-mail while approaching his physical workplace. This is possible without risk for himself and for others.

Once arrived at the city, he has the possibility of leaving his ruf at a station and let it continue automatically to a parking facility which could be placed anywhere in the network. When he needs it, he will call it back via phone, or via its IP address on the Internet. This way, the ruf will never take up space in the road network inside the Central Business District.

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