RUF network for Seattle


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The RUF system network shown is a network defined by a group of students at the University of Washington supervised by professor Jerry Schneider.

In this network, most of the population in the region will be able to drive to the monorail in less than 10 minutes. On the monorail, the average speed will be more than 70 mph and it will be possible to leave the monorail network at one of the 18 junctions and continue to any destination via the road network.

Using the RUF network is faster, safer and more environmentally benign than using the highway network. Travel times from door to door is much shorter than using a light rail system, even if you are one of the few people who live very close to a station and always travel to another station along the rail line.

The cost of this system is calculated to be $7 mio/mile of bidirectional monorail (vehicles not included). The described network would cost approx. $1.2 billion to create and it could benefit most of the population in the region.

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