Public Transport in the RUF system


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The RUF system will be implemented starting as Public Transport based upon the 10 seats maxi-ruf.

Every passenger has his own seat and there is a door from each seat direct to the street. It is extremely easy to enter and leave the maxi-ruf unlike normal busses. For elderly and disabled people this is a major improvement.

The maxi-ruf will typically start as an electric bus collecting passengers at their doorstep (dial-a-bus). A chauffeur will drive them to the rail system where he will leave while the passengers can remain seated if they are going in the same direction. The maxi-ruf now becomes part of a train driving automatically towards the city while it recharges its batteries from the rail. Inside the city, the maxi-ruf leaves the rail and a new chauffeur enters the first in a row of maxi-rufs creating a kind of "tram" which will cross through the inner parts of the city.

Establishing costs for this kind of "tram" is very low since no rails are required and no overhead wires are needed.

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