The RUF rail is triangular


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The RUF rail is made as a very slender triangular monorail construction. This configuration has a number of advantages.

This construction is optimized so that the material cost is low. A triangle has a good torsional stiffness and the shape makes the rail relatively immune to snow and ice (no water is collected).

Visual impact is low compared to other elevated structures such as the new Mini Metro in Copenhagen.

The top of the rail is running through the ruf at the same level of height as the center of gravity. This means that the mechanical functions are ideal. The drive wheels pull the vehicle with a force placed ideally in front of the center of gravity. Emergency braking on the other hand pulls the vehicle from a position just behind the center of gravity.

The fact that the two drive wheels are placed on each side of the top of the rail, makes it possible to adjust the pressure against the rail in order to have the necessary friction for acceleration or climbing steep grades. This is not normally possible in a road vehicle since the friction is determined by the force of gravity which cannot be changed.

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