RUF vehicles are electric


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The drive system in rufs and maxi-rufs consists of electric motors placed as hub-motors on each side of the top of the rail. Direct drive means that there is no transmission losses from motor to rail. Normally hub-motors cannot be used in cars because they weigh too much to be put in the road wheels. This is no problem in a ruf since the rail is smooth so the wheels will not risk hitting a pot hole.

Normal braking is performed by reversing the motors and returning power to the system. The power pick-up is able to absorb much more power than normal batteries. This way regenerative braking can be used much more efficiently than in normal electric cars.

The power contact gliders are placed on two sides of the rail and the supply is balanced so that you only get a power chock if you touch both sides at the same time.

Power plants normally have plenty of surplus power during night, so charging batteries during night is no problem.

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