Why Dual-Mode?


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There are many good reasons why a Dual-Mode system is needed.

It is important to make the transport systems independant on oil. This can be done with electric vehicles, but normal electric cars have a too limited range and the users get no real advantage by driving an ordinary electric car. In a Dual-Mode system, electric cars can recharge their batteries, so that the range problem is eliminated. Also the users of Dual-Mode electric cars (ruf) get the great advantage of being able to avoid highway congestion. The users get a large benefit from the start.

Another very important factor is, that in order to cover a city with low density, it is not possible to do so by means of traditional train systems. People are unwilling to walk more than a short distance to a station, so a train system with total coverage will be extremely costly. In a Dual-Mode system large areas can be covered with only a few lines.

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