Interior design


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The room inside a ruf is not smaller than an ordinary car despite the fact that a part of the ruf is filled with a channel running along the length of the ruf. The reason is, that a ruf is slightly higher than an ordinary car. The only reason for ordinary cars to have a low profile is, that they will be able to run faster on the highway. A ruf only drives fast when it is part of a train. This means that the air resistance is very much reduced. For that reason, the height of the vehicle is not very important. For the user it is better to enter a high vehicle than a low vehicle.

The channel inside the ruf is not very big. It can be used as an arm rest or a child seat can be placed above it. A cup of coffee will be more undisturbed than in a train because of the drive wheel configuration.

A ruf will be equipped with a display and a keyboard, so that it can be used as an extension of the office. Imagine what happens to your economy, when suddenly commute time becomes work time! This function has no safety risk associated with it.

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