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A ruf commuter driving from suburb to suburb will have no problem with parking. Both at home and at work, parking will be available.

If a commuter works in the Central Business District, street parking will not be available. The user can now benefit from the fact that a ruf can drive automatically. The commuter leaves the ruf close to his destination and walk to his office. The ruf continues automatically to a parking facility which can be placed anywhere. When the user needs it again, he can call it via the Internet or via telephone. It will then drive to the meeting place at the station and he can enter and drive home.

Park and Ride in the RUF system is very attractive. The car is parked quite close to the public ruf and the user don't have to walk to a train platform and wait for a train. He only has to walk a few meters to enter the ruf which is ready to depart anytime. The public ruf will enter the rail and drive fast to the city where the ruf can be parked at special parking rails.

Other users who need transport during the day can take the first ruf on the parking rail. Using a personal smart card to pay for the use, means that vandalism will be prevented. The ruf will only remember the identity of the user until a new user has accepted that the ruf is OK.

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