Information Technology


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Dial-a-Bus systems are very popular, but too expensive for long trips because one chauffeur in one small bus cost too much.

In a Dual Mode system, the chauffeur is not needed on the main part of the trip, so the operating cost is reasonable seen as a total system.

Information Technology makes it possible to order a trip where you only pay for what you need.

You can have door-to-door transport without transfer. It is expensive, but still a lot cheaper than a taxi and you will have no parking problems.

You can also accept to wait, to walk to a pickup place and to transfer during the trip. This option will be a lot cheaper, but still much higher level of service than a bus/train solution.

Trips can be ordered via PC or using smart handheld devices which can be used for many other purposes also. It contains electronic money, so payment is easy.

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