Maxi-ruf as a "tram"


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The Maxi-ruf can run as a "tram", but without the problems of normal streetcars. It runs on rubberwheels, so no rails are needed. No overhead wires are needed because it runs on batteries. Around sharp corners it is guided via magnetic fields.

This is all possible because the maxi-ruf is a Dual Mode vehicle. The trick is, that the vehicles run some of the time as a train on the guideway where the batteries are recharged. This means, that the short distance crossing through the inner city can be made purely on batteries. No pollution, no noise, no bicycle-traps (rail), no problematic overhead wires.

This "tram" solution is very inexpensive to implement and it can offer a very attractive trip where the users start in a bus at their doorstep - drive with a chauffeur to the rail system - continue in an Automated People Mover (no chauffeur) - and finally drive in a tram through the sensitive parts of the city. The maxi-ruf can bring you from your home in the suburbs directly to the café in the old town. You remain seated in the same seat all the way.

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